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Smorgasbord Squad is 100% independently funded and worked on. When you see it you’ll be impressed because it looks more professional than the aforementioned KaBoom titles.
—Dustin Cabeal |

A group of food-themed superheroes is inherently ridiculous, and Nyemb, Wood, and Miller play it up. It’s an immensely fun read, with Wood and Miller’s art both being something as much at home in comics as it is on a Saturday morning cartoon.
  Leo Johnson |

There is nothing objectionable in here, I think any age could enjoy this book. There is a tiny bit of cartoon violence; some paranormal/ supernatural /extraterrestrial high-weirdness; a hint at bad language (seriously a hint, implied— and nicely done) … But the artwork and wild plot twists should appeal to youngsters. It is sophisticated and intelligent enough for adults to enjoy as well.
—  Robert Emmett | 

I mean, extremely perfect happy-go-lucky city, missing food in the fridge that signals the end of the world, greedy food-consuming villains, and ridiculously looking food-costumed vigilantes? If an adult reader can’t appreciate the simplicity of it all, I’m sure a child would get a kick out of this fun-loving comic.
—  Laura Hong |

Think Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs meets The Lego Movie kept alive by the beating heart of a 90’s kid, and that’s what you’ll see in the slightly irreverent imagining of childhood satiations
—  Luke Anthony |


In an industry filled with numerous well done vampire books, it’s refreshing to see someone take the genre in a direction it hasn’t been before. With a few slight tweaks, this series seems like it could be easily adapted into a fun, all-ages cartoon.
— Jake Tanner |

Speaking of the book’s tone it’s almost ridiculous, but the best kind of ridiculous. The story moves fast and the characters are completely larger than life, it’s just all silly fun, that again brings back memories of goofy and lively children’s cartoons.
— Matt Johnson |

As I read, I got the nagging sensation that I was being followed by nostalgia. Then it bit me:  This Bites is, in every way, a story boarded version of one of those insane shorts you’d see on the old animation anthology show, Liquid Television.
— Jix Strange


Nyemb and Hunter have created an indie gem here on this book, and their combination of quietly funny writing and cutesy art style makes this book stand out.
— Ari Carr

Were you looking for Dilbert meets Scott Pilgrim but had no idea where to find it? Well, look no further, obscure genre seeker. I have just the thing for you, it’s Not So Super. That’s the title, not my synopsis. It is quite super in the underdog-gets-superpowers kind of way.
— Luke Anthony |

Not So Super is awesome! Period. (Or exclamation point if you prefer!) It takes an everyman sort of character, in a boring every day job and then gives him something that he must have dreamed about having (superpowers), but is unable to control or understand.
— RevN4 |

…once in a rare while, a set of independent creators brings a comic that is broadly appealing, readable, engaging, and easily more worth the money than a continually repeating X-Men storyline or apocalyptic Justice League cross-over. Today, Not So Super is that comic.
— Sean A. Guynes |

This is a good first issue. Peppered (ahem) with humour, it has a certain charm and managed put a smile on my face.
— Mark McKenzie-Ray

Not So Super is well worth a read.
—  Leo Johnson | NerdSpan

The writing and art work together perfectly, hitting the same tonal notes; Nyemb and Hunter manage to bounce back and forth the humor and the mundane events to create a book that is wholly entertaining from start to finish.
— Kristine Chester | Fanboy Comics

It sort of reminds me of DC Comics’ Resurrection Man only Dan doesn’t have to die… and his powers are practically useless. It’s a combination ripe for action, intrigue and comedy and I can’t wait to see where Nyemb and Hunter take the story next.
—Rondal Scott |  Strange Kids Club

…I liked that this was a comic in its truest sense, something that anyone could read and enjoy.
—Dustin Cabeal |

Jacques Nyemb and Joe Hunter work well together and this is a comic book that would suit most ages and certainly would be a good start for those who want to get into comics.
—Susie Cumberland |

“Not So Super” hits it out the park. Nyemb has no trouble fleshing out a story and developing Dan into someone we can all dig and say “yup, I love comic books.”
—Dan Tres Omi |